Advanced Services


The firm’s international affiliations and expert staff allow us to provide a wide range of financial solutions that can guide our clients through the complicated regulations to taxation and help them to plan their company’s financial future.


Audit and Accounting Services:

Our audit department delivers timely full range of assurance services:


  • Audits (Public/Private Companies)

  • Reviews and Compilations

  • Compliance Auditing, including Sarbanes-Oxley

  • Employee Benefits Plans

  • Financial Forecasts and Projections

  • Internal Audits

  • International Services

  • Special Reports

  • (Agreed-Upon Procedures Report)

  • SAS 70 audits

Our accounting and audit services range from limited-scope assurance to the expression of an opinion on a client's financial statements.


Assurance Services

The assurance service is an attestation function that has as an objective the expression of an opinion on client's financial statements or matters. Our professional staff examines financial records, transactions, and procedures to ensure that a company's financial statements properly reflect its financial position as of the audit date.

We work closely with our clients to maximize our understanding of their systems and operations. During the audit process, we:


  • Obtain a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of our client's operations.

  • Assess the risk of material misstatement of the financial information and misappropriation of assets.

  • Maximize efficiency by delivering our audit services on time, according to plan and to budget.

  • Utilize technology and auditing techniques to make the audit process, as efficient as possible.

  • Evaluate the client performance and constantly identify areas for improvement.

  • Recommend organizational changes to better safeguard client’s assets and to improve internal control systems.

UHY Del Valle & Nieves strives to provide the highest quality of professional services. It is the firm’s policy to promote a culture of quality throughout the firm's operations and maintains a positive work environment for its employees. UHY Del Valle & Nieves is part of the Peer Review Program of the AICPA and is properly registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB).


Types of Assurance Services

  • Financial Statement Audit – An audit is the most comprehensive examination of your financial records, systems and statements. Audits are often required by lenders, investors and governmental agencies. The audit report assures the accuracy of your completed financial statements.

  • Review – A review is an expression of limited assurance on financial statements as a result of performing inquiry and analytical procedures. This report provides some assurance as to the reliability of the financial information.
  • Compilation – The compilation provides a non-expression of opinion or any form of assurance on the financial statements information that is the representation of management.
  • Operational Audits – This function provides an ongoing series of tests that examine controls within an organization and measures if policies and procedures are being followed. It includes recommendations to our clients on best practices based on our experience in several industries that we service.

  • Governmental Compliance Audits – Most governmental, educational and non-profit organizations are required to have single audits, which include both financial, and compliance aspects.
  • Report on Evaluation of Internal Control – This is an evaluation of your accounting system and provides you with suggestions for improvement. We can tailor our specific procedures to assist in identifying areas of your operations that are vulnerable to fraud.

  • Special Reports – Agreed-Upon Procedures Reports provide you with assurance on the accuracy of specific components of a financial statement without having to perform a complete audit.

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act – We assist our clients in addressing and to be in compliance with the requirements of this Act.

  • SAS 70 Audits and Section 404 – The SAS 70 report serves as an attestation from a CPA firm that the controls of an entity are designed and operating effectively. Also, UHY Del Valle & Nieves provides companies with services required under Section 404 of the Act by assisting in the documentation of internal control systems.



Tax Services

The tax division at UHY Del Valle & Nieves provides services and counsel on tax matters including:


  • Preparation of tax returns 
  • Taxable income projections and planning
  • Assistance with revenue agent examinations 
  • Interpretation of existing tax laws and their effect 
  • Compliance with tax-exempt grants 
  • Governmental agencies representation 
  • Sale and use tax


Our tax staff is always available to discuss and provide professional advice to any company or individual regarding any situation that should arise. Whenever there is an important change in the tax law, clients are promptly notified through our clients’ tax newsletter, in addition to posting them on our website. Clients can access our tax calendar and other important information by visiting us at:


Our tax department is well versed in local tax law, including tax-exempt status as well as federal income taxes.


Once tax work has been completed, our tax department has the information necessary to generate a year-end tax plan for companies and individuals. The year-end tax plan can help you minimize the amount of taxes paid over the coming year.



Management Advisory Solutions

Earnings performance is the single most important measure of successful financial management. UHY Del Valle & Nieves offers management solutions designed to improve the client's profits through:


  • Merger and acquisitions

  • Due diligence

  • Business reorganization

  • Cost accounting

  • Operational review and audits

  • Accounting and information system

  • Profit planning

  • Litigation Support, including:
    -Commercial damage

    -Lost of profit

    -Construction claims

  • Other services as agreed upon by both parties

We believe that our job extends beyond a report or recommendations; it's about making constructive change happen. In management services, we derive our satisfaction from accomplishing that change and thus solving a client's problem.