" We offer you a career path not just a job....  
Our company has one of the lowest turnover rate in the industry "


Today, companies are looking at your qualifications, self-conduct, goals and ability to communicate, as well as your education and experience, when evaluating potential employees. The job search process can be tedious and frustrating but if you are equipped with the right tools, you will succeed at finding your perfect job.


Few careers offer the combination of opportunity, diversity and prestige offered by the public accounting practice. From the start, professional accountants can expect better than average income, rapid personal growth and a quality of life attuned to their own aspirations.


This is particularly true in a local firm such as ours. Because of our size and the manner in which we conduct our practice, our employees have a unique opportunity for a varied experience as well as direct exchange of ideas with top-level personnel from our large client base.


As an employee of UHY Del Valle & Nieves you determine your own pace of advancement. We provide an environment where your ability and willingness to make contributions to the firm can result in professional advancement as well as to enhance growth from within.


To keep pace with our own growth, we are continually searching for new people. We offer competitive salaries with corresponding fringe benefits, and an excellent and professional working environment.


At UHY Del Valle & Nieves, our employees are our most important asset, and we are committed to help them grow with our organization... making your future our priority.